Core Engine


This extension is required by all Moe Engine Extensions. It includes all user experience improvements and fixes some problems in VNM engine. The fixes and improvements are able to toggle on/off easily.

  • More improvements and bugfixes will be shipped as the extension updated.
  • This Extension is required by all other extensions in Moe Engine.

Download & Install


Use Extension Manager to install the zip file.

How to use

Open Database in VNM and configure in Moe - Core Engine.



  • Click anywhere on screen to proceed messages.


  • Click to display message instantly.

Known Issues

  1. There is a New Record in Moe - Core Engine Database, delete it to make sure this works.
  2. Sometimes the folder in Game Scripts Moe - Core Engine gets below script Main, drag and drop that folder above Main and all other Moe Extensions.


v1.2.3.0 (2017 - 12 - 15)

  • Removed improvement: Click anywhere to proceed.
  • Removed bugfix: Click to instantly display message.
  • Added bugfix: Fixed Stylable Clickable Link (SLK) with omitted style id and hover style.

v1.1.3.0 (2017 - 11 - 18)

  • Added bugfix: Click to instantly display message.

    v1.1.3.1 (2017 - 11 - 19)

  • Fixed: Typo in scripts.

v1.0.0.0 (2017 - 11 - 17)

  • First Release.